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Balcony Garden Mystery July 8, 2012

I came home after a busy weekend ( babysitting, 6th birthday partying) and found my green house – normally flush against the side brick wall (seen in the back ground)  pulled out and displaced quite some difference.

Interesting – considering I live on the 9th floor.  And the apartment had been locked.

I pondered this for a while as I cleaned up the seedlings and repaired the damage and repositioned the greenhouse.  I also added some other plants and plantings to weight it down.

And it dawned on me.  It is winter in Australia.  There are flocks of cockatoos around and about lurking looking for a fresh green feed.  I initially planted a big pot of chives and shallots and left it in the open on the table on the balcony and the birds ate each and every shoot down to the soil and beyond until the huge pot was barren.

Cockatoos are strong.  Feels right.  Also was heartening to see they couldn’t get IN even though they displaced things.

I have made it harder for them now.


Grow Your Own – Just Thoughts June 15, 2012

As I am working to nourish myself, and wandering supermarkets and checking out the costs of herbs, fruit and vegetables, it has become apparent to me that attempting to “grow your own” makes increasing sense.

How many of our children know where fruit and vegetables come from? Even if we are renting, and have limited space or poor soil, there are small things we can do, and indeed should do. There is something satisfying about growing, and nurturing. Feeding ones family satisfies some basic elemental need in one, too.  At least it does in me.

So growing your own will tick both the cost and quality boxes.


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