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First Planting – and excitement May 14, 2012

Saturday morning bright and early I excitedly went up to the shopping center as soon as the doors opened so I could snaffle a mini greenhouse kit as a treat to myself.   I was successful.  Right now the kit sits still wrapped in it’s cardboard wrapping against the breakfast bar bolstered in place with some potting soil.

Sensibly, I postponed unwrapping and erecting the mini structure until I have completed a space-and-plant plan for the balcony and before that can happen, the current users of the balcony are required to clean up the mess they have sort of left behind them.  No.  I am not talking cockatoos – I am thinking teenagers here.

As you can see from above, I could not help but begin.

In the oblong planters I have planted garlic, curly parsley and jalapenos.  In the eggshells.  I have planted mignonette lettuce.  So I am away, and underway.  I have placed these on the wide bench in the kitchen where they receive maximum morning sunlight.

I shall keep you all informed as I work towards planning and developing my organic Balcony garden.  As I work fulltime the development and growth will be incremental.  And I will learn as I grow.


One Response to “First Planting – and excitement”

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